Oregon Quilt Festival

See you at the Oregon Quilt Festival on February 15th – 17th, 2024, at the Oregon State Fairgrounds in Columbia Hall!

Special Guest Speakers


Thursday, February 15 & Friday, February 16

I am MACC which is a play on my name’s initials. I’m married to the coolest man in the whole world and am Step-Mother to three amazing daughters. I live in sunny Los Angeles, California where I’m surrounded by all types of inspiration. I love all things Disney and can be found hanging out at the Disney theme parks. I am a couture crafter specializing in quilting and paper crafting.

M A Couture Crafting was established when I married my love for fashion and makeup with my love for Crafting. My favorite part of being a makeup artist was blending eyeshadow colors together — especially weird color combinations.

​Why Couture? I do EVERYTHING by hand just like Fashion Designers hand sew beads to Couture gowns. I think the crafting community should receive the same respect as fashion designers for doing luxurious couture work. My Goal is to show there is diversity in the crafting community and help inspire Creators to Create!

Blending colors together to create unusual combinations is my thing so, you can expect to see vivid colors, ombré blends, and rainbows in virtually everything that I produce. Full tutorials are always available on my YouTube channel M A COUTURE CRAFTING.

Couture Crafter
Los Angeles, California

Jeremy Jeffries

Jeremy Jeffries has been the Sales & Export Manager with Benartex Fabrics for 10 years, but has worked in the fabric industry for over 30 years. He has visited over 2500 Machine, Quilt and Fabric shops in the USA, Canada and Europe and loves the friendships and community that the independent fabric and sewing machine stores generate. He is still a Beginner Quilter. He also holds in-store events held nationwide with focus on educating your consumer-customer about The Good, The Bad & The Ugly – fabrics, vendors and retail chain store worst practices.

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
What is a premium quilting fabric?, what is a Chain store fabric? The Ugly games the Chains and some manufacturers play with pricing and printing. How can you tell a Good fabric from a Bad ? How is Benartex fabric made? Fabric prizes awarded for Quick Quiz correct answers during the presentation.