Oregon Quilt Festival

See you at the Oregon Quilt Festival on February 15th – 17th, 2024, at the Oregon State Fairgrounds in Columbia Hall!
Oregon Quilt Festival Quilt Show Co-Hosted by
Whitlock’s Sewing Center and
Will~n~Bee’z Quilt and Coffee Shoppe
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Oregon Quilt Festival logo
Oregon Quilt Festival logo

2024 Banner Blitz Quilt Challenge
Sponsored by:
Benartex Fabric

We are so excited to see your creation that depicts our theme for this year. Our theme is “Mixing it up”.

This year our challenge collection of fabrics is sponsored by Benartex Fabric.

Cash prizes are awarded to the top 3 judged banners.

Banners will be displayed at Will n Beez or another location, yet to be determined and returned to the owners on the evening of February 17th when quilts are returned to their owners at Columbia Hall. Cash prizes will be awarded to the top 3 positions within 2 weeks of the end of the show.

The banners will be displayed in a special spot at the show for all to see. Pictures of the banners will also be posted on our Facebook page this year.

Directions for 2024 banner Blitz:

Must be 20″ by 30″.     Theme: “Mixing it up”

You can recreate a scene from the kit picture, or you can create what “mixing it up” with fabrics means to you. Fabrics can be used from the kit and or from your own stash as long as all pieces of fabric in your kit are recognizable. You may use wool, buttons, beads, laces, trims, paint, hand sewn, machine sewn, machine embroidered, hand embroidered, machine quilted, hand quilted, paper pieced.

Remember the theme-and remember you MUST use recognizable pieces of all 5 fabrics in your kit.

Fabrics: Purchased kits will have 5 fat quarters. You must use a recognizable size of the 5 pieces in your banner, plus some from your stash to complete the 20” by 30” banner.

Label: Please attach a label to the back, bottom, right corner of your banner with the following information.

Your Name, Your Address, and Phone Number- All must be included at the time of delivery.

Due Date: January 16, 2024. To qualify for prizes. Delivery to Will N Beez Quilt and coffee- 1555 12 th St. SE Suite 110. Salem, Oregon 97302

No sleeves are required for hanging, although sleeves are encouraged.

Kits will be available for $20 starting August 1 st at Will-N-Beez Quilts and Coffee Shop.

Call if you need further information 503-899-3210 or email us at oqfvickey@gmail.com or oregonquiltfestival@gmail.com