Oregon Quilt Festival 2023

    Individual Entry Form Traditional Quilts

    January 26, 27, 28 2023

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    Entry fee is $20 for up to 4 quilts. You may have up to 6 total entries. Additional fee of $5 each

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    1 form per entry, with photo attached, with Name and phone # of Exhibitor on back of each photo
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    Oregon Quilt Festival team will handle all sales and will retain 20% commission of each sale. Checks for quilts sold will be mailed within 2 weeks after the show date.
    Type/Print on separate paper the story of your quilt: Like when made, whom for, what occasion, when completed, made by whom etc. Please attach to back of form with the photo (Opt )

    Quilt made by Quilt size W= L= Year made
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