Oregon Quilt Festival

See you at the Oregon Quilt Festival on February 15th – 17th, 2024, at the Oregon State Fairgrounds in Columbia Hall!

Whitlock’s Vacuum & Sewing Supercenter
1555 12th Street SE Suite 100
Salem, OR 97302 



Will~N~Bee’z Quilt and Coffee Shoppe

1555 12th St SE, Salem, Oregon 97302, United States

(503) 899-3210

Oregon Quilt Festival 2023 Quilt Registration Form

Place: Watch for More Information Coming Soon.

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For successful entry, complete entire form. If you are entering more than one quilt, please complete a form for each entry. You will receive a receipt to the email you provided.
Please identify your quilt category and how it was quilted before completing this form.

    Hold Harmless Agreement

    By submitting my quilt for consideration for Oregon Quilt Festival 2023, I agree to permit Oregon Quilt Festival, Inc. of Salem, Oregon to display my quilt at their quilt show. I understand that reasonable care will be taken to protect my quilt. I understand that no responsibility for any loss or damage to my quilt can be assumed by Oregon Quilt Festival of Salem, Oregon, the Salem Convention Center or any other entity. I hereby give my permission for my entry to be photographed for use in event-related publicity.

    I understand that my entry must be picked up after 6:30p.m., January 28th at the Salem Convention Center.  Mailed entries will be shipped back to owners within 10 days after the end of Oregon Quilt Festival 2023.